Microsoft is working on Copilot Pro subscription

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Microsoft is reportedly working on a subscription service for Copilot called Copilot Pro. The subscription was spotted in the code of Microsoft Edge for Android.

After Microsoft released the Copilot app for Android at the end of December and released it on iOS not much later, the next Copilot development seems to be already underway. The installation file of the Microsoft Edge browser on Android this time gives away an interesting detail about the future of Microsoft’s AI chatbot. Android Authority reports this after examining the underlying code of the Edge app.

The news site managed to find several striking references in it. More specifically, this concerns references to Copilot Pro. “Take Copilot Pro” is one such reference it found. It also found information about what you can do with the subscription. “Take advantage of the latest AI models, priority access for fast answers, and high-quality image creation with Copilot Pro,” the code reads.

In short: Copilot Pro would be similar to ChatGPT Plus, which gives you OpenAI’s latest AI offering.

In addition, you would be given priority over other Copilot users. Finally, Microsoft appears to be keeping new DALL-E models, with which you can generate images, exclusive to this Pro subscription. The opposite happened at the end of 2023. Then the software giant brought a new DALL-E version to all Copilot users. OpenAI’s most advanced AI model, GPT-4 Turbo, will also be available via the free version of Microsoft’s chatbot.

Restrictions upcoming?

Whether this will be limited in the future to market the Pro subscription is unknown. It’s also possible that Microsoft will combine its own AI know-how with OpenAI’s GPT versions to give Pro customers a more advanced AI offering.

For the time being, however, that remains a piece of cake. This also applies to the price tag. ChatGPT Plus costs $20 excluding VAT at the time of writing.