Here is the world’s first foldable iPhone


Two crazy Chinese have built a working foldable iPhone using components extracted from various iPhone models plus a hinge from the Motorola Razr.

Over the years, the odd maniac has embarked on various hobby projects to modify the iPhone’s hardware. When engineering student Ken Pillonel replaced the lightning connector in an iPhone X with a usb-c connector, it got a lot of attention and the phone was sold at auction for almost $90,000.

foldable iphone

That operation is a trifle compared to what two Chinese YouTube creators on the KJMX channel  have done. In a video published yesterday, they show how they have painstakingly converted an iPhone to have a foldable screen using, among other things, a hinge from a Motorola Razr.

The process took almost a year and looks extremely complicated, but in the end they managed to get it to the point where the phone can be used with the screen half folded

Apple has experimented with foldable screens, but so far has not released any products – neither iPhone, iPad or anything else – but now there is at least a prototype that shows how it could be.

However, I got a big surprise seeing how many people are waiting for an foldable iPhone, so I guess there will be some selling records once Apple will release the most-expected iPhone Fold / Flip.