First Samsung Galaxy A54 images show further design


Thanks to new images of the Galaxy A54, we can take a look at Samsung’s mid-range top model for 2023. The design is increasingly in line with the Galaxy S series, it seems.

Galaxy A54 images

Although there is always a lot of attention for upcoming top phones in Samsung’s S series, you could argue that the A series is actually more important. After all, many more of them are sold. The direction that Samsung is sending the A-series is also the direction that many regular smartphone users will take in the coming years. The top model of the A series in 2023 will be the Galaxy A54. We now get to see a few first images of it.

The image broker @OnLeaks sold his renders this time to the website 91Mobiles. We see a Galaxy A54 that at least brings some clear changes. After all, the Galaxy A53 looked a bit more like its predecessors.

galaxy a54 image

On the back of the A54 is a camera design that will closely resemble that of the Galaxy S23, and what we already see in part on the Galaxy S22 Ultra. That is to say: the different cameras are not in one ‘island’, but protrude from the back. Furthermore, the edges also seem a bit more rounded, although that is difficult to see precisely on these types of images.

What we already know about the Galaxy A54

We also find out the dimensions with the images of the Galaxy A54. The device is about 158 ​​millimeters long, 77 mm wide, and 8.2 mm thick. However, many more details are not confirmed. We did, however, reveal a number of technical details of the Galaxy A54 in recent weeks .

For example, we know that the main camera contains a 50-megapixel sensor. A depth sensor is no longer part of the camera package, but a 5 MP macro camera still is. The third camera on the back is the ultra-wide-angle camera. In addition, the battery capacity remains the same: 5000 mAh.

Not yet confirmed, but only logical, are features such as an IP67 certification, and a 120 Hz AMOLED screen with Full HD resolution. That also applies to the Exynos 1380 , which should succeed the Exynos 1280 of the Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A33 .

Galaxy A54 release date and price

Incidentally, it will take a few months before Samsung officially launches the Galaxy A54. The Galaxy S23 will appear first, followed later in the spring of 2023 by the A54. Of course you will soon be able to buy it in the Netherlands and Belgium. The big question then is: how much should the Galaxy A54 cost?

We take into account that it will be a bit more expensive than the Galaxy A53 was earlier in 2022. This had a suggested retail price of €449. We wouldn’t be surprised if the A54 has a price tag of €499. Something with economic conditions and euro exchange rates and such. But don’t worry: you can always buy the devices in the A series later in the year clearly below the suggested retail price.

And the… Galaxy A34?

We know that Samsung is also working on a Galaxy A34. Not as many details are known of that device as of the A54. But chances are the A34 is to the A54 what the A33 is to the A53: lots of similar hardware, identical design, but a few cutbacks on the cameras. We will probably find out how these cuts will work out in the coming weeks. Then probably more details of the device will emerge.

And whoever hopes for a Galaxy A74 after the A73 will never appear in Europe, we have to disappoint – at least for now. We have not yet seen any indications that a (European) Galaxy A74 is in the works.