Apple Watch SE Review: Shoud You Buy It?


Let’s state right away that if you already have an Apple Watch SE and are thinking of buying a new one, don’t. You won’t notice any difference.

The Apple Watch SE is the entry model to Apple’s world of watches. It comes in two different sizes, 40 and 44 millimeters, which means a case that is one millimeter smaller than the Apple Watch Series 8 (which is 41 and 45 millimeters, respectively).

Appearance-wise, it looks like the previous SE model and it takes close inspection to tell it apart from the Series 8. The most obvious thing is that the Series 8 has an always-on display, something the SE lacks.

But should you take off the watch, you will see that the back is different from the previous model. The new Apple Watch SE has a new nylon composite back, which makes the watch lighter.

How much easier? Well, a couple of grams. Instead of 36.4, it now weighs 33 grams. Will you notice a difference? Hardly.

New processor

On the inside, more stuff has happened. The Apple Watch SE has now received the S8 SiP chip with a 64-bit 2-core processor. According to Apple, it is up to 20 percent faster than the previous generation.

Will you notice a difference? Well, the first generation SE wasn’t exactly tough. But if we focus on the new SE, we can tell you that it quickly finds GPS signal, significantly much faster than the activity bracelets we have tested. As soon as you go out, it has a GPS signal.