How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy F04s Free by IMEI

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In this detailed guide I will show you how to unlock Samsung Galaxy F04s free with Unlocky Tool in 3-5 minutes, locked to AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Orange, Vodafone, or any other network carrier.

We all know how expensive and time consuming is to find a way to unlock Galaxy F04s these days. Network carriers such AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint or Verizon are making the unlocking process very difficult and unless you’re not pay them extra money for the unlocking service, you will have to find a 3rd-party in order to get your Samsung network unlock code.

There are a few ways to do this and in this article I am going to tell you what you need to unlock your Samsung phone and have the freedom to use any SIM card as your choice, but also how to get your unlock code in a couple of minutes no matter which carrier is your phone locked to.

To be able to unlock any phone we have combined some of the top unlocking hardware and software tools such Octoplus Pro, ODIN, Sigma Box, Medusa Pro Box, Sigma Pack, EFT Pro Dongle, MRT Dongle and other tools into our ProductHunt’s winning tool called Unlocky, which allow us to connect to carrier’s database through a backdoor – just like your carrier also do.

What is Unlocky Tool

Unlocky is a cell phone unlock code generator that helps you generate NCK codes by calculating the device IMEI. The unlocking process is pretty simple: once we have your IMEI number, our tool will connect through a backdoor to carrier’s database and then calculating the unlock code list, based on the phone’s IMEI.

Once the unique code has been generated this will be automatically uploaded to our server and will be ready to be downloaded. Among the unlock code, Unlocky will also generate the instructions to unlock Samsung F04s even if it’s IMEI blacklisted.

Everything works online in your browser, so you don’t have to download or install any apps that may damage your device and without voiding your warranty. Follow our step by step guide to learn how to generate free Samsung unlock codes with Unlocky.

Why To Unlock Your Samsung with Unlocky

The major benefits to unlock a Samsung phone is that you are not bound with your current carrier every time, instead, you have an easy choice of selecting your own network provider which will work on your phone flawlessly even if you are still under contract with your operator. More on that:

No Software or Cables Required

Since this is an official unlocking method, no unreliable software or cables is required to sim unlock Samsung Galaxy F04s. Our unlocking solutions are based on IMEI. Yes, that’s the only thing you need to have on your hand before starting the unlocking process.

100% Permanent Unlocking Solution

Unlock codes are generated directly through Samsung’s database. We do this by whitelisting your cell phone’s IMEI Number from their factory database which holds all the phone data i.e its current status, network provider, activation and ESN details.

Use All Features As You Did Before

Once you get your Galaxy F04s unlocked through Unlocky, you will be able to use all of your cell phone’s features and apps and will work perfectly just like they did when your mobile was locked, without worries or problems. Moreover, you can update your android software and any app without any issues.

Galaxy F04s Unlocking Benefits

Carrier Freedom

The best thing about an unlocked Samsung phone is the fact that it will offer you the freedom you need. You can shop around with no limits and you will manage to even save some money if your phone is unlocked because you will never have to stick around with only a company.

If you like the quality of Verizon, but you want the T-Mobile deals or the lowest prices the market can offer you, you must take into consideration that an unlocked phone is a better choice for you.

Your phone needs to be compatible with the network and this means that you will have to consider this when you decide if or not unlocking your phone is a better choice for you.

Two networks at a time

Another benefit when you unlock Samsung F04s is the fact that you can take into consideration having a dual SIM. This means that you can use two networks at the same time and you will be able to use a phone at home and one for work. If you travel often, the dual sim option can be a great choice for you. If you have a dual-SIM unlocked phone this can be a choice for you.

Not all of the phones offer you dual-SIM capabilities and this is a feature that you probably want. This is why you can unlock your phone to use the right SIM for you. Even if your phone has only one SIM, you can swap SIM cards at will.

Saving money

Carries are businesses and they want to earn as much as possible and this is why the prices are not as fair as they seem. Usually, carriers don’t offer discounts often, and if you don’t mind buying a used unlocked phone, then you can make some additional savings and you will have the chance to use an unlocked phone.

Even when carriers offer you a big discount on a phone, there is almost anytime the chance that they will at one point charge you more to get more money from you. This is the reason why you will get stuck with them and the only thing you need to do is to pay them out. They will get the money back and in the end, you will have to pay them.

You don’t have to deal with monthly payments

Monthly payments are usually convenient and carriers usually offer this option for buyers. Even though at first glance this option is great for a buyer, in the end he will have to pay more. Another bad thing is the fact that if you want for example to leave the network, it will be impossible because you will be locked in that network. This is where you may want to try a network unlock code for Samsung.

It is nice to be debt-free and you will have the chance to keep your monthly expenses low. This means that you will be able to save some additional money and you won’t have to deal with only one carrier.

You don’t have to over-spend

Even if you find some great deals, the best part about unlocking your phone is the fact that you won’t have to overspend. Even if you have $1000+ to spend right now on a phone or even if you don’t have that amount of money and you would prefer to spend $50 per month on a phone, this means that you will have to spend more in the end. Besides that, your phone will be locked, and you will lose all of the benefits presented till now.

Buying an Samsung unlocked phone or taking advantage of a Samsung network unlock will be a better choice for you and you will manage to save some additional money this way. The prices will be lower and the best part will be that you will manage to avoid overspending. The whole idea of these carriers is the fact that you will have to buy expensive smartphones even though the initial appearance is the fact that the prices are cheaper.

Very few people take advantage of unlocked phones and they simply choose not to think more when they are buying a locked phone. A lot of people think that it isn’t a problem to spend a lot of money on phones just to use them to check social media. This isn’t a big issue, but if they are locked in only one carrier, they miss the chance to gain all of the other benefits that having an unlocked phone offers.

You are not limited anymore

If you go to a carrier and want to buy a device you will probably see that you are limited to a selection of devices. This means that this career has probably only some of the most popular phones. You might prefer other options too and this means that you will not be able to choose the option you want if you are going to stick only with a carrier.

When you have generated a Samsung unlock code with Unlocky you will have the chance to choose from a wide variety of carriers and you will be able to choose your desired phone.

No bloatware

Carriers love throwing in your phone some unnecessary apps that you will probably never use. You probably don’t want to have to deal with some additional apps on your phone and this is why you should take all of these things into consideration. Most of the preinstalled apps are useless and you will probably never have to use them ever again. This means that you will have to deal with some bloatware on your phone.

You should consider this when it comes to choosing an unlocked phone. By unlocking your phone, you will like the fact that you will never have to deal with additional apps installed on your phone.

Getting the updates fast

If you like to keep your phone up to date then your best choice is to unlock your Samsung Galaxy F04sdevice. When you have a carrier-locked phone the updates don’t come as often as you want. This means that the software needs to go through another filter before reaching your device. This means that you will probably lose some time until the phone will be updated.

The process that usually happens is this: Google /Samsung starts releasing an update and after that, the manufacturer optimized it for the phones. After this, the manufacturer hands it over to the carrier and he is the person responsible for optimizing it for the phones and network. After that, this is the moment when it gets to your device.

These steps take a long period and you probably don’t like waiting. This is the reason why getting an unlocked Samsung F04s is a better choice for you. This means that you skip all of the updates from the manufacturer and you can get your updates timely. This means that your Android device will get its update faster.

Unlock Samsung F04s Any Carrier for FREE

Let’s suppose you’re going to travel outside the United States but your mobile is locked with a US carrier like AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint or Verizon. In order to avoid roaming data costs the only option you have is to use other’s carrier SIM. All the carriers mentioned here have some requirements before unlocking your Samsung phone without extra fees.

Below I will some of carrier’s requirements and how their unlocking policy works. However, if you don’t met their requirements, don’t want to wait to get the unlock code (some of them require up to two weeks to get your phone unlocked) you can use Unlocky Tool and generate the sim unlock code for free in 3 minutes or less.

Unlock Galaxy F04s locked to AT&T

It is really simple to unlock your Samsung phone locked to AT&T, but you should take into consideration some requirements when it comes to unlocking it:

  • You first need to pay off your device entirely.
  • Hasn’t been reported as lost, stolen, or involved with fraud.
  • Is an AT&T PREPAIDSM phone with six months of service on the AT&T network. Use your device’s Unlock app, if it has one.
  • Doesn’t have a past-due account balance. (Make a payment to bring your account current. It may take up to 24 hours to post.)
  • Wait around 2 weeks to get your Galaxy S04s unlock code.

After you are sure that you met all of these conditions, you can visit AT&T’s website, and fill the form with your mobile number and all of the requested details. In two business days, AT&T will send you the instructions you need through text or email.

However, through Unlocky you can generate a free unlock code compatible with AT&T carrier, without needed to met their policy.  Access our ATT unlock code generator and find out how to unlock att locked phone within 3 minutes or less.

Unlock Galaxy F04s locked to T-Mobile

Just like AT&T, T-Mobile has even more unlocking requirements. If you’re eligible you can unlock your Galaxy F04s directly from setting’s menu or by downloading T-Mobile’s device unlock app from store.

Requirements to unlock T-Mobile:

  • The device must be sold by T-Mobile.
  • The device must not be reported as lost, stolen or blocked.
  • The account associated with the device must be in good standing.
  • The device must also satisfy all the Postpaid or Prepaid unlocking requirements outlined below.
  • The device must have been active on the T‑Mobile network for at least 40 days on the requesting line.
  • If the phone is associated with a canceled account, then the account balance must be zero.

So if you’ve come to our page means you’re not eligible and looking for a free method to unlock a T-Mobile phone without account, without paying a fee and even worst – without waiting weeks for the unlock code, am I right? Then access Unlocky at the bottom of this page and generate a tmobile unlock code for free.

Unlock Samsung F04s locked to Sprint

For devices that are not SIM Unlock-capable, Sprint may be able to provide a Master Subsidy Lock (“MSL”) code to eligible customers. Sprint makes no guarantee that an unlocked device will work on another carrier’s network. Whether another carrier will accept and activate a device is subject to that carrier’s policies and capabilities.

That’s their policy says. So besides all the requirements listed below there is no guarantee you can unlock Sprint carrier or your phone will be unlocked at all. So you’re single option might be using a 3rd-party like Unlocky Tool to unlock Samsung Galaxy S04s locked to Sprint.

Sprint unlocking requirements:

  • The device must be sold by Sprint.
  • The device has not been reported as lost or stolen, associated with fraudulent activity, or otherwise flagged as ineligible to be unlocked.
  • The device is SIM Unlock capable.
  • The device must be or have been active on the Sprint network for a minimum of 40 days.

Unlock Galaxy F04s locked to TracFone

There are some ways to unlock tracfone for free, but there are some requirements before that. As their policy says, in order to get a Tracfone unlock code you have/must to:

  • device was activated with TracFone service prior to November 23, 2021, then the device must have been active on TracFone Service for no fewer than 12 months with Service Plans redeemed in no fewer than 12 months, and not have had their telephone number recycled or ported.
  • If the TracFone device was activated with new service on the Verizon network on or after November 23, 2021, then at least 60 days must have elapsed since the device was activated.
  • The device must be in working condition.
  • The device has not been reported stolen or lost, and there are no indicators of fraud.
  • TracFone will automatically unlock the device when it becomes eligible for unlocking.
  • For all Apple devices activated with TracFone prior to November 23, 2021, the device will be automatically unlocked after 12 months of active TracFone service.
  • For Apple devices activated with new TracFone service on the Verizon network on or after November 23, 2021, the device will be automatically unlocked 60 days after activation in the absence of an indication of fraud.

Unlocky Tool also works with any TracFone locked cell phone even you are a customer with less than a year and still under a contract with the carrier, thanks to our TracFone unlock code generator.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy F04s with Unlocky

The unlocking process is the easiest unlocking solution which requires no technical knowledge, even a novice can perform the procedure. You have to complete some requested fields, such as submitting the IMEI and choosing the country and network provider. Then Unlocky will calculate and generate your sim unlock code. Let me explain you each step:

  • Send the IMEI number

Because our tool is working based on the cell phone’s IMEI you have to send your International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number through the app. Please pay attention when writing the 15 digits number, as this number is necessary to perform the unlock. Check some methods to find your IMEI here.

  • Select Country and Network

Once you completed the first step and your IMEI is connected with our database, you will be asked to select the country and network provider (carrier) which your phone is locked to. In case you don’t know the carrier name that locked your device just select “WORLDWIDE” for both options, even it will be more easy for us to know these details.

  • Generate the Unlock Code

There we are. Clicking on this button the unlocking process will get started and will not take longer than 5 minutes. Let the tool do his magic, grab some popcorn and about 5 minutes later you will be happy to get the generated Galaxy F04s unlock code for free and step-by-step instructions to use the code.

Samsung Galaxy F04s Unlock Tool

Complete the form below to generate the Samsung Galaxy F04s network unlock code and step-by-step instructions to unlock Samsung Galaxy F04s in the next 3 minutes.