How To Unlock AT&T iPhone Free with Unlocky Tool

Let’s suppose that you’re about to travel outside the United States but your iPhone is locked with AT&T and you can’t use another sim from other carriers unless you get your att iPhone unlocked. We have the solution. Read our full guide on how to unlock AT&T iPhone for free and get free to use any sim you want.

Unlocking an AT&T iPhone is a pretty hard job unless your contract is not at the end of the contract. Of course, it could be much easy if you pay some money to AT&T to unlock your iPhone or use a 3rd party to get the unlock code, but we are interested in a free method, right?

Before giving you the free method to unlock iPhone att, we’ve made a test to see how much is charging a 3rd party like,, and to get your AT&T iPhone unlocked.

Prices and Time To Unlock AT&T iPhone

Our first selected option is They are charging up to $30.95 to unlock an iPhone 11 Pro with AT&T and have an average delivery time of 3 days. More on that, they have a few restrictions in order to use their services, so your smartphone needs to meet the following requirements:

  • not under contract
  • no pending payments
  • not blacklisted by the original operator
  • does not belong to the AT&T prepaid network
  • not activate under another customer account


unlock iphone att doctorsim


Our second price experiment is, which seems to be a better option than doctorsim. To get your iPhone 11 Pro ATT unlocked you have to pay $19.99 for their unlock service and you must wait from 1 to 24 hours to get the unlock code. Though, they don’t say anything about a restriction such doctorsim.

unlock iphone att directunlocks


And the 3rd and last option are, in which their unlocking services are above doctorsim and directunlocks. They charge up to $79.99 for the same device and have an average time of delivery between 5 to 10 business days. However, if you don’t get the unlock code for any reason they will refund you 100%.

unlock iphone att


Now that we’ve just seen how much is charging some providers, before getting into our free method, let’s see what are some benefits of an att unlocked iPhone.

  1. Get free to use any sim you want anytime you want.
  2. Get a better price in case you sold the phone.
  3. Get faster hardware upgrades.

Unlock AT&T iPhone – any model, instantly, and absolutely free

Here we are! The most expected thing, right? Below will show you how to unlock an AT&T iPhone free no matter which model and most importantly, without paying a dime.

Using our unlock code generator, Unlocky, you can generate the NCK code almost instantly, no matter which iPhone model or the firmware you have.  Let’s see which iPhone models you can unlock through Unlocky Tool:

  • unlock att iPhone 3G
  • unlock att iPhone 3GS
  • unlock att iPhone 4
  • unlock att iPhone 4S
  • unlock att iPhone 5
  • unlock att iPhone 5C
  • unlock att iPhone 5S
  • unlock att iPhone 6
  • unlock att iPhone 6 Plus
  • unlock att iPhone 6S
  • unlock att iPhone 6S Plus
  • unlock att iPhone SE
  • unlock att iPhone 7
  • unlock att iPhone 7 Plus
  • unlock att iPhone 8
  • unlock att iPhone 8 Plus
  • unlock att iPhone X
  • unlock att iPhone XR
  • unlock att iPhone XS
  • unlock att iPhone XS Max
  • unlock att iPhone 11
  • unlock att iPhone 11 Pro
  • unlock att iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • unlock att iPhone 12 (soon)

Steps To Unlock iPhone on AT&T Carrier

Please pay attention to all necessary steps, in order to att iPhone unlock. For any reason, you can’t get through the process please contact us and we will help you.

Step 1: Submit IMEI

The first thing you have to do is to send your locked iPhone’s IMEI through our app. One of the easiest ways to find an iPhone IMEI is to dial *#06# on your screen. Just like making a phone call.

Step 2: Select Country and Carrier

On this step, you have to select the United States / AT&T from the list, as we want to unlock an AT&T locked iPhone. Now we’re ready for the last step.

Step 3: Generate the unlock code

Once you click on the button, our tool is calculating the unlock code based on your submitted data (IMEI and Carrier). It should not take so much time, as we have a big database including billions of devices and IMEI’s, so its easy to generate the code.


From now on you should not pay for this kind of service, as we just gave you a free method to unlock the AT&T iPhone. And if you want to see our tool in action, please watch the video below. It works for any device and any country/carrier.