How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy A53 When Forgot Password


A step-by-step guide to unlock Galaxy A53 when forgot password without factory reset and without losing any data, through our PassLess tool

On this guide I will show you how to unlock Samsung A53 device in case you forgot the password, PIN, pattern lock or fingerprint, after factory reset or having display issues. We have lots of methods to bypass Samsung A53 lock, including an hard reset.

We all know how important is to lock our Samsung device by setting up a password, pattern lock, pin or fingerprint in order to protect our data and privacy. But forgetting the password we’ve set up before it’s a basic human instinct. Fortunately, there are some ways to reset and unlock Samsung Galaxy A53 when forgot password and we’ll share with you in this guide.

Before going through our guide, let me tell you that it is very essential to back up your data regularly. In case of a Samsung A53 factory reset, which we’ll show you later in this guide, you may lose all of your data. However, if you did a backup you can restore all the settings and documents (photos, contacts, etc) you’ve made on your device.

With that being said, let’s proceed through a few methods to bypass Samsung Galaxy A53 password devices with or without factory reset.

TIP: In order to avoid losing any data or damage your device in any way, we strongly recommend using Unlock’s PassLess tool, which is free and it takes just a few minutes to unlock any Galaxy A53 password lock.

Unlock Galaxy A53 Password with Unlocky’s Passless Tool

With our brand new tool – PassLess – you can unlock any Samsung’s locked screen within 3 minutes or less without losing data, without factory reset, without installing any app on your device and, of course, without any cables or connecting your device to a computer – as PassLess works online on your browser.

It works through secret codes that allows you to access hidden features on your mobile device based on your device’s IMEI. Once a unique secret code has been generated you will be able to access a hidden menu through you can bypass lock screen on your Samsung device. Even more, you can also bypass FRP lock on any Galaxy A53 device.

Some of the best PassLess features include:

  • unlock all types of Samsung A53 screen lock.
  • unlock any Samsung pattern including new releases.
  • works online: no download or install needed.
  • it removes any lock in 5 minutes or less.
  • will not damage your device or warranty.
  • will not require a computer or any cable.

Please make sure you deactivated any ad-block software, otherwise Passless Tool it may not work.