Unlock Samsung Galaxy A02 When Forgot Password

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A step-by-step guide to unlock Galaxy A02 without password without factory reset and without losing any data, using Unlocky’s PassLess tool.

We all know how important it is to lock screen on Samsung A02 by setting up a password, pattern lock, pin or fingerprint in order to protect our data and privacy. But forgetting the password we’ve set up before, it’s a basic human instinct. Fortunately, there are some ways to unlock Samsung Galaxy A02 when forgot password, and we’ll share with you in this guide.

Before going through our guide, let me tell you that it is very critical to back up your data regularly. In case of a Samsung factory reset, which we’ll show you later in this guide, you may lose all of your data. However, if you did a backup you can restore all the settings and documents (photos, contacts, apps, etc.) you’ve made on your device.

With that being said, let’s proceed through a method to remove lock screen on Samsung Galaxy A02 devices without factory reset or losing any data.

TIP: In order to avoid losing any data or damage your device in any way, we strongly recommend using Unlock’s PassLess tool, which is free, and it takes just a few minutes to unlock Galaxy A02 phone lock password.

Unlock Galaxy A02 Password with Unlocky’s Passless Tool

With our brand-new tool – PassLess – you can unlock any Samsung’s locked screen within 3 minutes or less without losing data, without factory reset, without installing any app on your device and, of course, without any cables or connecting your device to a computer – as PassLess works online on your browser.

It works through secret codes that allow you to access hidden features on your mobile device based on your device’s IMEI. Once a unique secret code has been generated you will be able to access a hidden menu through you can bypass lock screen on your Samsung device.

Some of the best PassLess features include:

  • unlock all types of Galaxy A02 screen lock.
  • unlock any Samsung pattern including new releases.
  • works online: no download or install needed.
  • it removes any lock in 5 minutes or less.
  • will not damage your device or warranty.
  • will not require a computer or any cable.

Please make sure you deactivated any ad-block software, otherwise Passless Tool it may not work.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy A02 When Forgot Password – Instructions

To generate a secret code and unlock Galaxy A02 pattern lock using Passless Tool, follow these three simple steps:

Step 1. CONNECT IMEI: As PassLess Tool works through your device’s IMEI, you have to connect your IMEI with our Tool. The best way of finding your unique number, simple dial to *#06# just like making a phone call. Then enter that number and click on “Connect” button.

Step 2. SELECT BRAND / CAPTCHA: To be more precisely we also ask to select your device’s brand or manufacturer, in our case you have to select “Samsung”. Check if you’d like to delete or not to delete data on your device. Complete captcha verification by moving slider to maximum (70000).

Step 3. GENERATING SECRET CODE: Now it’s time to let PassLess to do his job. Within 3 minutes or less will be generating a secret code based on your cell phone’s IMEI which allow you to access a hidden screen on your device. Download the secret code and step-by-step instructions to unlock Samsung Galaxy A02 password.

What is PassLess Tool and How It Works

Unlocky’s Passless Tool offers a convenient way to unlock your Samsung device if you’ve forgotten your password, PIN, or pattern lock. You can generate a unique secret code through your device’s IMEI number, without having to factory reset your phone, which is a time-consuming and inconvenient process.

While it might seem like a hassle to set up a pin, password, or fingerprint on your device, it offers significant benefits in terms of protecting your personal data from unauthorized access. This guide outlines the various benefits of using a lock pattern and the pros and cons of each method. We’ll also provide the necessary steps to unlock your password with Passless Tool.

Passless Tool is a brand-new tool that can unlock any Samsung locked screen within three minutes or less, without losing data, without the need for a factory reset, and without installing any apps on your device. It’s an online tool that works directly in your browser, so there’s no need to connect your device to a computer or any cables.

The tool works by generating secret codes that allow you to access hidden features on your mobile device using your device’s IMEI. Once you have the unique secret code, you’ll be able to bypass Samsung Galaxy A02 lock screen in just a few minutes.

Benefits of Setting a Lock Screen on Galaxy A02

1. Protects Personal Data: One of the most significant benefits is that it protects your personal data. With identity theft and data breaches becoming more common, it is essential to take every step possible to safeguard your information. By setting a pin, you prevent unauthorized access to your device and any sensitive data stored on it.

2. Prevents Unauthorized Purchases: If you have payment information saved on your device, such as credit card numbers, setting a password, or fingerprint can prevent unauthorized purchases from being made. This is particularly important if you have children who may accidentally or intentionally make purchases without your permission.

3. Increases Security: Setting a fingerprint also increases the overall security of your device. Without a code or fingerprint, anyone can access your device and potentially steal your information or use it for malicious purposes. Also, you add an extra layer of security that makes it more difficult for unauthorized users to gain access to your device.


Setting a pin, password, or fingerprint on your device is a crucial step in protecting your personal data. While each method has its pros and cons, they all offer increased security and peace of mind. It is essential to choose a method that is secure but also easy for you to remember or use.

Therefore, it is also critical to keep backups of your data and regularly save it to an external hard drive or cloud storage.

We hope you have unlocked Samsung Galaxy A02 password through PassLess Tool, and we’d really appreciate it if you share this guide with your friends or family in case they forgot their password to unlock the device.