Best Phones in 2022: Specs, Prices and Tests

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Which is the phone for you? It depends on what you are willing to pay. It makes a difference of several thousand. The advantages of the more expensive models are certainly tangible, but it is not certain that their advantages are something you need.

Get big surprises

It is the same five manufacturers who play in their own division in terms of price. Apple, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi and Oneplus have price tags on their top phones between around $900 and $1,200 for a base model, often with more expensive options with more storage memory.

Then manufacturers such as Asus, Motorola and Realme challenge with the same high performance and many other functions, but with some compromises in function and construction and a price between $599 and $699.

Other manufacturers have chosen to stay out of the performance race, at least for now. Nokia bets everything on lower price ranges. In the past year, Poco has become more of a series of budget models for Xiaomi, than an own brand that competes at a higher level. Maybe that will change in the future, which is very unpredictable.

There are other major phone manufacturers with really interesting mobiles in the top class. We are already familiar with Huawei and Honor. In addition to them, you may also have heard of mobile giants such as Oppo and Vivo.  Many of them can easily be bought online, as some manufacturers have sales in other European countries.

Let there be light

The latest wave of mobiles has mainly offered two novelties in the screens – they are brighter and at the same time smarter. New amoled panels, which several of the latest mobiles have, push point brightness and short-term brightness well above 1,200 cd/m 2 , which both provides an efficient and intense experience when playing hdr movies. They can also reach higher brightness for use in sunlight.

Several of the screens can also dynamically adjust the frame rate as needed, using so-called lpto2 technology. Screens have been able to handle this in the past, but now it is possible to reduce the frequency extremely low, which saves a lot of battery. Worth noting is that there is no manufacturer left that sticks to 60 Hz screens. The last two laggards, Sony and Apple, now have high-frequency screens in their best phones.

There are other things that markedly set the phones apart. The camera setups are more varied than in a long time, with different combinations of wide-angle zoom and macro cameras, as well as some experimentation with effects, photo and movie modes we haven’t seen before. But also a general increase in quality, which seems to prioritize better dark properties and faster handling of extra pixels.

Another thing that sets the manufacturers apart is how they invest in batteries. A handful of manufacturers compete to have the fastest charge, with massive chargers included in the box, sometimes with power of over 100 watts, which can fully charge a battery in just over a quarter of an hour. Others have chargers that are a fifth as efficient and still call them “fast chargers”. And then we have Samsung and Apple who have decided to more or less ignore it and not even include a charger.

So we did the selection and the test

Over the years, we have tested all newly released top mobiles and compiled, revisited and updated the phone test published on blog. The criteria for being included in the test are 5g connection and premium performance, that the phone is less than a year old and that it can be bought in EU stores at the time of writing.

The phones have been tested at launch, unless otherwise stated, and with the then current operating system and system updates. The performance of the mobiles was measured with the latest version of Antutu Benchmark, Geekbench and 3dmark.

Battery life has been assessed with streaming video playback, as well as estimated during everyday use. Different testers and writers may have been responsible for and contributed to different tests. Therefore, the assessment may vary.

iPhone 13: The base model that sets the bar

With a major upgrade, Apple does the only right thing and fixes the small flaws.

Our iPhone 13 Review

Finally, we get a noticeably improved camera even in the basic model. Longer battery life has been even more anticipated. But with last year’s cavalcade of goodies, this year’s upgrade feels rejected. Not because it’s a bad base model, on the contrary, it’s hard to really find anything substantial to complain about.
We’re probably just spoiled. Our biggest criticism is therefore really the name, and it’s not because we’re superstitious. With the old naming, this would have been a clear iPhone 12S.


  • Better dark pictures with a larger camera sensor
  • Noticeably brighter screen
  • The A15 Bionic is seriously fast
  • More memory at a better price


The iPhone 13 Mini is a real powerhouse

The iPhone 13 Mini fits easily in the palm of your hand and looks reasonably modest. But don’t let the looks fool you…

Our iPhone 13 Mini Review

With a format that allows it to slip into almost any pocket and performance to challenge the toughest Android phone bare, the iPhone 13 Mini is an exemplary little powerhouse. The cameras are very good and the feeling in handling is rap.
It also has a couple of hours better battery life than its predecessor, which makes this coil a good entry-level model for those who want to walk in an ecosystem where everything is integrated and always works (well).


  • Good format
  • Fast as hell
  • Takes good pictures and video


  • The screen does not have an adaptive refresh rate. Why, Apple, why?!
  • The battery life is at a minimum
  • Lightning connector – we want usb-c!

iPhone 13 Pro – as close to a perfect match as you can get

The performance in the iPhone 13 Pro is wow!

Our iPhone 13 Pro Review

Apple has released some less successful phones (we’re looking at you, iPhone 6) but the iPhone 13 Pro is as close to a hit as it gets. New cameras right through. Blazingly fast processor that runs circles around ANY Android phone, awesome OLED screen with 120 Hz refresh rate, all wrapped in a nice piece of steel and glass.


  • Stylish and well built
  • Good cameras
  • Fast
  • The screen


iPhone 13 Pro Max – a mobile phone with extra everything

When Apple has no limitations at all, you get a big but great phone.

Our iPnone 13 Pro Max Review

The iPhone 13 Pro is already an absolutely fantastic mobile. But those who say size doesn’t matter are wrong. With a 13 Pro max, you get a screen size that is more useful even when you’re at home. It is suitable for more areas of use without you having to reach for your iPad. And when you go out, you can enjoy up to 40 percent more battery capacity. As long as you don’t have too small hands, we think it’s worth an extra $100.


  • Major camera upgrade provides excellent low-light images
  • Lovely large screen with 120 Hz Promotion
  • A15 Bionic laughs out loud at the competition
  • Much larger battery capacity
  • You can now have double e-SIM


  • Not as much of an upgrade as we had hoped for
  • Still no usb-c port
  • The new features do not feel like a kiosk overturner

iPhone 14 – an iPhone for the people

The iPhone 14 is still a good phone, but is the step up from the iPhone 13 big enough?

Our iPhone 14 Review

Think of the iPhone 14 as an upgrade from last year’s iPhone 13 Pro, albeit at a lower entry price, with slightly fewer advanced features, and you’ll be happy with your purchase. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it has last year’s processor, it’s still faster than almost every Android phone released today.


  • Good cameras
  • Action Mode!
  • Movies in 4k
  • Fast
  • iOS 16


  • Lacks optical zoom
  • No dynamic screen frequency
  • Small upgrade

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iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max – a little better and a lot more expensive

Raw power, better cameras, an always-on screen and a dynamic island make Apple’s new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max mobile phones a fun, but expensive, experience.

Our iPhone 14 Pro Review

The iPhone 14 Pro has the same design, colors and news as the iPhone 14 Pro Max. However, the iPhone 14 Pro has a more flexible format and is easier to handle with one hand. It’s a matter of taste, but you can reach most parts of the screen more easily with a slightly smaller phone. On the other hand, you get slightly worse battery life in this model, but that’s a compromise we’re willing to make.


  • Lightning fast
  • Very good cameras
  • Great image stabilization
  • Bright screen
  • Good operating system


  • The price

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Our iPhone 14 Pro Max Review

The same design, new colors and some long-awaited news, such as the always-on screen, and some news, such as Dynamic Island and a superb image stabilization technology, make the iPhone 14 Pro Max really fun to use. Pro and Max only differ in screen size and battery life. This one has better ones. But the format is in the beefiest team.


  • Lightning fast
  • Very good cameras
  • Great image stabilization
  • Bright screen
  • Good operating system


  • The price
  • The iPhone 14 Pro Max is very large

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Asus Zenfone 8: Compact powerhouse at the right price

Asus continues to deliver a lot of smartphone for the money. This time in a handy small format.

Our Asus Zenfone 8 Review

Asus Zenfone 8 can attract those who are tired of mobile phones in giant format. It has the right performance, uncompromising sound and image at a favorable price. Other features, such as the camera, are more mundane and the heat the phone generates can sometimes become a comfort problem.


  • Fast despite compact format
  • Excellent screen and sound
  • Good battery life
  • The price


  • Can get uncomfortably hot
  • Lacks some premium features
  • Anonymous design

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Asus Zenfone 9: Charming minimobile with sharp performance

The delicious mobile phone Asus Zenfone 9 pulls in on the dimensions, but not on the power.

Our Asus Zenfone 9 Review

Asus has taken the smallest Zenfone 8 and improved several points. Zenfone 9 has a solid camera with impressive sharpness, world-class sound and image, a bunch of smart interface additions and a new design that is both charming and practical.
We doubt if such a powerful system circuit is smart, as it leads to overheating in the compact chassis. But if you can handle it and don’t run heavy mobile games, it’s well worth its higher, but still reasonable, price.


  • Compact design and own style
  • High-quality screen and sound
  • Good battery life
  • Sharp and stable camera


  • Gets hot when driving hard
  • No wireless charging
  • No zoom camera

Google Pixel 7: Great value, less wow factor

The basic model of the Pixel 7 series is a quality phone with few negative sides. But it is still characterized by what we don’t get.

Our Google Pixel 7 Review

The Pixel 7 doesn’t have the same premium mobile feel as the Pixel 7 Pro. You still get a fast and modern phone with a lot of interesting features, especially when Android 13 is combined with Google’s Tensor G2 chip. We’re not entirely convinced by a couple of design choices and miss the zoom camera, sound quality and larger battery of the 7 Pro. Considering the price, though, it’s hard to complain.


  • Good performance for the money
  • Top class build quality
  • Excellent main camera
  • Clean and smart Android 13


  • No zoom camera
  • Flatter sound
  • Semi-fast charging, charger not included

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Pixel 7 Pro: We test Google’s new top mobile

Does the flagship Pixel 7 Pro live up to the hype? We have tested!

Our Google Pixel 7 Pro Review

Those who have longed for the Pixel’s debut will not be disappointed by the new top model. It’s not the fastest on the market, but certainly fast enough. You get thoughtful design, a smart automation system that works, mostly excellent cameras and a battery that lasts longer than expected. There is much that can attract many to become new Pixel users. A price that is not outrageous raises the judgment an extra step.


  • Well built, elegant with its own style
  • High-class and easy-to-use camera
  • Excellent screen and sound
  • Long battery life


  • The next step in the performance race
  • Weaker wide angle and some white balance issues
  • Semi-fast charging, charger not included

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Motorola Edge 20 Pro: A cheaper premium mobile

The 2021 flagship Edge 20 Pro is a more conservative mobile than its predecessor. But also cheaper.

Our Motorola Edge 20 Pro Review

Good performance, good but unwieldy camera, nice screen and low price are the biggest advantages of the Edge 20 Pro. But you need to become friends with the large format and be able to forgive some minor annoyances.
The new Ready For system is a fun bonus, but not a decisive advantage. Compared to last year’s Edge Plus, this rejection is felt, and there are sharper competitors at the same price.


  • Big nice screen
  • Can take excellent photos
  • Good performance
  • Good battery life


  • Mono speakers
  • Lacks several premium features
  • Wide and unwieldy
  • Uneven and difficult to handle camera

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Motorola Edge 30 Pro: Performance mobile at the right price

Motorola packs great hardware into a simple package.

Our Motorola Edge 30 Pro Review

Fastest Android mobile phone to date in a no-nonsense build, good picture and sound, strong fast-charging battery and striking price. The camera makes some odd priorities, some premium features are missing and the new Android design is a bit of a matter of taste, but otherwise there’s not much to complain about.


  • New fast Snapdragon
  • High class on screen and speakers
  • Large, fast-charging battery
  • Good price


  • No zoom camera
  • Not waterproof, durability unclear
  • Damped gaming performance during longer sessions

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Edge 30 Ultra: We tested Motorola’s 200-megapixel phone

Motorola collects many large numbers in one and the same mobile, and combines them with a sympathetically small number in the form of the price tag. But numbers aren’t everything. How are the new top models to use?

Our Motorola Edge 30 Ultra Review

It could have been absolutely brilliant, but Motorola seems more interested in ticking off high numbers for the Edge 30 Pro, instead of thinking about how these make a mobile better.
Good battery properties are a big plus, but a screen that can’t control the colors and speakers with more power than finesse spoil the impression. The cameras shoot only passably well, despite several unusually large and high-resolution sensors.


  • Well built and with its own style
  • Good cameras in daylight
  • Large and fast-charging battery
  • Favorable price


  • Screen and speakers that lack finesse
  • Unreliable quality for night photos and movies
  • Uneven performance despite fast circuit

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Oneplus 10 Pro: Bold design, but not much more

The innovation is mostly on the surface in Oneplus’ new flagship mobile.

Our OnePlus 10 Pro Review

The most important thing is good. Oneplus 10 Pro is fast, well-built, has a high-quality screen and one of the industry’s best battery times, both for operation and charging. But the camera confuses, the speakers don’t live up to expectations, and with a price above the $900 mark, it offers pretty little that adds value.


  • Well built and with a nice different design
  • High-quality display
  • Excellent battery life and fast charging
  • Cool new wide angle camera


  • Not the best speakers
  • Unclear information about durability
  • Removed macro photography
  • A bit pricey for what you get

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Oneplus 10T: The smarter choice

The new Oneplus mobile stands out less than their top models ever did. But it delivers where it really counts.

Our OnePlus 10T Review

We lose a little more of the features that have made Oneplus stand out over the years. But recovers some of the most important; uncompromising performance and lightning-fast feel, as well as an attractive price. Not to mention brilliant battery life and super fast charging.
The Oneplus 10T feels more like a classic Oneplus than the Oneplus 10 Pro did, even though we got to say goodbye to the iconic slider on the side. If you can do without the Pro model’s more advanced camera, it is a better buy.


  • Top level performance
  • Stylish, bright and fast screen
  • Large and extra fast-charging battery
  • Favorable price


  • No alert control on the page
  • Cameras more in the middle class
  • No wireless charging

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Realme GT 5G: Price-pressed top mobile

A mobile phone in the top tier that keeps the price down by only focusing on the most important.

Our Realme GT Review

With a design unlike any other mobile, and performance that you get to control on your own to get the right comfort, Realme GT goes its own way. It doesn’t have an absolutely top-class camera and individual details have budget vibes, but with a low price and high class on the important things, it will still be a hot challenger to the big mobile giants.


  • High peak performance
  • Stylish amoled screen
  • Unique design
  • Large and fast-charging battery


  • Can get hot quickly
  • Not sure how durable it is
  • Mediocre extra cameras

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Realme GT 2 Pro: Challenging with the right price and unique camera

Here you get top-class performance, screen and battery life, without paying an outrageous amount.

Our Realme GT 2 Pro Review

Realme has been a promising contender for years, and with the GT 2 Pro, they’ve delivered their best phone yet. The camera is a big lift, although it has some way to go to compete with the very best, but you get top-notch performance, battery life, update policy and screen in an unusually charming package.


  • Top performance
  • Excellent battery life
  • Outstanding design with high comfort
  • Nice screen and good sound


  • The camera one step after the best
  • The plastic style is not for everyone
  • No wireless charging

ROG Phone 6 Pro: Gaming phone with long-lasting top performance

Asus gaming mobile with upgraded Snapdragon and custom-built cooling sets a record for long-lasting performance.

Our ROG Phone 6 Pro Review

The ROG Phone 6 Pro is hard to recommend to the average person, but not all gadgets are built for everyone. If you want absolutely maxed-out mobile gaming performance and don’t care about comfort or price, you’ve got it, plus one of the best screen and speaker combos you can get.
At the same time, it is difficult to see the Pro model’s advantages against the less expensive ROG Phone 6. Several of its special functions are also far from conveniently user-friendly.


  • Optimized performance
  • Excellent screen and sound
  • Extra battery
  • Many good accessories and extra functions


  • Unwieldy extra controls
  • Big and heavy
  • The cooler is not included
  • Quite expensive

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Samsung Galaxy S22: The smallest Galaxy charms

Compact top mobile with quality in every detail.

Our Samsung S22 Review

It would be a lie to call the Galaxy S22 truly compact, but with smaller dimensions than the already semi-compact S21, it belongs to the best mobile phones in a smaller size. And that without losing anything important. A couple of small compromises to keep dimensions and price down do not take away from the fact that it is a high-end phone.


  • Compact and comfortable
  • Good screen and nice sound
  • Flagship performance
  • Generous with Android updates


  • Slightly behind the best in performance
  • Less battery and slower charging

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus: Smart and stylish, but not clever

The mobile has good performance, but does not live up to the high expectations.

Our Galaxy S22 Plus Review

The Galaxy S22 Plus is a quality mobile with the right performance, a bright smart screen, and an excellent update plan. But on individual points it does not live up to sky-high expectations. Samsung’s otherwise often good battery life fails, the new camera has unexpected problems, and it can’t max out gaming performance. Given the still high price, it’s hard to call it a hit.


  • Stable cpu performance
  • Bright picture and clean, nice sound
  • Top class build quality
  • Generous with Android updates


  • Gets hot from games
  • The camera can be polished
  • Has lost battery life
  • Still expensive

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Versatile and luxurious mobile

In the new Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung wants to combine the best of all worlds, from productivity to photography to gaming.

Our Galaxy S22 Ultra Review

It’s ambitious, and in many ways Samsung succeeds in delivering a phone that can basically do everything, even if it doesn’t live up to our high expectations on all counts. But the question is who it attracts. Fans of the Galaxy Note? Definitely. Anyone else who wants a Samsung in the absolute elite class? Not as obvious.


  • A certain performance boost, especially the graphics
  • Solid and well built
  • Everything you missed from the Note series
  • Generous with Andoid updates


  • Big and heavy
  • Shorter battery life
  • The price

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Galaxy Z Flip 4: Samsung builds on flipped success

After last year’s surprises, the news in the Galaxy Z Flip 4 feels more rejected. But it is not negative. Flip has matured and can now be refined.

Our Samsung Z Flip 4 Review

Those who expected something radical from Samsung will be disappointed, but if you were curious about last year’s Z Flip, but held back because of the battery life, now is the time. That, and other small quality of life improvements, make us recommend it. The camera is still mediocre for the price range, but it’s a compromise that you probably still have to accept.


  • Cool concept that still holds up
  • Top class on screen and sound
  • Better battery life
  • More functions in the extra screen


  • Underperforms slightly
  • Moderate improvement of cameras
  • Still thickly folded

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: All-in-one in pocket format

Now it’s starting to feel like Samsung’s large folding mobile phone can finally replace both a tablet and a premium mobile phone.

Our Galaxy Z Fold 4 Review

Subtle but significant design changes, top-class performance, smarter multitasking and finally a camera that makes us not long to go back to the Galaxy S phones. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is an improved foldable hybrid on several counts. It’s not, and probably never will be, a gadget for the masses, but for those who are fans of the concept, there’s a lot to like.


  • Smarter format for mobile mode
  • Definitely better cameras
  • Stable high performance
  • New, smooth multitasking


  • Still big and thick
  • Pen costs extra and cannot be attached
  • Still expensive

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Guides:

Sony Xperia 1 III: Many exciting news in Sony’s new top handset

Xperia 1 III gives us several functions we lacked in the predecessor.

Our Xperia 1 III Review

Faster screen, several interesting camera innovations and a more well-thought-out photo interface elevate this year’s top phone from Sony. Everything is not perfect, above all it fails to combine screen resolution with low power operation, but there are enough positives here for the Xperia 1 III to join the fight in the mobile top.


  • Elegant, tight and own design
  • Fix the performance
  • Excellent picture and sound for media
  • Several smart camera upgrades


  • Moderate screen brightness
  • Battery life could be better
  • The price

Sony Xperia 1 IV: The most Sony phone ever

Sony takes media creation to a whole new level.

Our Xperia 1 IV Review

It is expensive like few, but filled with strengths that other mobile manufacturers do not prioritize. With more tools than ever, for those who create near-pro media, it has a high learning curve, but it can be worth the trouble. It is primarily a mobile for already saved Sony fans, but at the same time is good enough to be able to save new fans. In addition, it fixes a couple of points that kept the Xperia 1 III from a top rating.


  • Bright screen and sound
  • High-class cameras and good microphone
  • Stylish, tight design
  • Good battery life, after all


  • Semi-fast charging
  • Some bloatware
  • Can get hot

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Sony Xperia 5 III: Sony’s compact luxury mobile lasts a long time

More handy, better battery life, lower price and still as good as Sony’s big top mobile in most respects.

Our Xperia 5 III Review

Sony makes mobiles unlike any other, with unique designs, unique camera setups and interesting media focus. Mostly with successful results. However, what made previous generations of the Sony Xperia 5 extra interesting has lost its luster. Not because Sony has become worse, but because competing compact mobiles have become better.


  • Slim and easy to grip
  • Good performance
  • Excellent picture and sound
  • Versatile and smart camera


  • Can get hot and lose performance
  • Some bloatware
  • Slightly low screen brightness

Xiaomi 12 Pro: Setting new records

Xiaomi’s new flagship is the fastest Android mobile to date.

Our Xiaomi 12 Pro Review

Xiaomi sets new performance records for Android, and is better at keeping performance up than the competition. It has an excellent screen, tight design, brutally fast charging and a camera that is, in parts, absolutely top class. However, some details keep it from a real top rating, but is still the best this year if you don’t want to go up another price range to the iPhone 13 Pro Max level.


  • Fastest so far with Android
  • Excellent display
  • High build quality and comfort
  • Fast, safe and smart main camera
  • Extremely fast charging battery


  • No information on durability
  • Moderate zoom range in the camera
  • Uneven battery life

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Xiaomi 11T Pro: Challenging with extreme charging and good price

There is much that impresses in this almost-premium mobile.

Our Xiaomi 11T Pro Review

It is a wide and heavy mobile that lacks a part to end up in real premium class. And the confusion around what it actually delivers in terms of performance is a minus. The things it does well, however, it does excellently. As a media mobile, it is absolutely top class, and Xiaomi breaks new ground with brutally fast battery charging.


  • Stylish and well built
  • Excellent picture and sound
  • Large battery with extremely fast charging
  • Good price


  • Big and heavy
  • Not entirely reliable performance
  • Lacks some premium features


Here’s the best 2022 phones right now. We’re gonna update this page every time a new phone worth mention comes out. Thanks for reading!