How to transfer money from Google Rewards to PayPal

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When using the rewards system, and adding balance, a question may arise: can I transfer money from Google Rewards to PayPal ? The system rewards users for answering questions from establishments, whose balance can be redeemed for the Google Play Store.

If you would like to transfer money to the Paypal wallet, the answer may not be as expected for users from Brazil, France or Ireland. Check below how the reward system works.

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Can I transfer Google Rewards balance to PayPal?

By default, Google Rewards allows you to send the reward you get from completing surveys to the Play Store, with a handy button next to the balance. It is important to make this transfer within one year of submitting responses, as the credit expires after that time.

Once done, it is possible to use the balance to make purchases on the platform. If the item you want to purchase is greater than the balance obtained, you can add balance on Google Play to complete. Where does PayPal fit into this story?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use the digital wallet to redeem the Rewards balance, nor to transfer what you received in the Google Play Store. The only way would be to have an account abroad and use the same email on both platforms.

Is it your case? So it’s important to have this email as the main one on PayPal. To do so, follow the steps below.

  1. Access the PayPal app ( Android | iOS );
  2. Tap your profile picture in the top left corner;
  3. Go to “Personal information”, then “Emails”;
  4. Tap “Add a new email” and enter the information;
  5. Then, tap on the email you’ll use to access Google Rewards and choose “Make this your primary email”.

Even if it is not so practical, some users with a PayPal account abroad, have the option of using the wallet in Google Rewards.

How to redeem the credits you’ve earned on Google Play

Earning credits to purchase paid apps on the Google Play Store is already possible through Google Opinion Rewards, a service that rewards its users with money to buy apps, as long as they answer surveys answered about a series of products.

The tool can be downloaded for free and the frequency of available searches varies according to the profile sought by the companies. Money obtained through surveys can only be used on Google Play (for apps of any kind) and is valid for 1 year from the date it is obtained. You can control your balance right from the app’s home page.

Google Rewards: How to Redeem Credits

To redeem Google Rewards credits and buy apps, just enter the same email address used on Google Play when registering for the rewards app. So, once you’ve completed your first paid survey, you’ll see a confirmation page stating the amount of credit that’s been applied to your Google Play profile.

To use it, just log in with the same Google Rewards email and go shopping as usual! Easy, isn’t it? You can also tap the Google Play Store icon next to your balance to start shopping.

Google Rewards: Buying a Gift with Credits

You can also use your Google Rewards credits to buy apps or ebooks as a gift. For that:

  • Go to the item you want to buy on Google Play and tap the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the screen;
  • Now, tap on “Gift”.
  • Enter the e-mail address of the person you want to gift, your name and a message. If you have enough credits, the item will be shipped.

Google Rewards: Which apps can I buy?

Credits can be used to purchase different applications, whether they are games, movies, games, photo editing apps, music streaming, among others. In addition to downloading the application itself, if you want, you can also use Google Rewards credits to make purchases within any platform – if you play a game with paid items, for example, the credits can be used to buy them.

If you subscribe to a streaming platform, you can use your credits to rent movies. However, it never hurts to remember that, as stated above, the credits are valid for 1 year.

Are there any exceptions for apps I can buy with credits?

Yes there is. Google Rewards credits cannot be used to subscribe to apps, magazines, or purchase hardware and accessories. The amount made available per completed survey is a few cents. Therefore, it is recommended to use the credits to buy cheaper apps that can be found in various categories on Google Play.

Google Rewards credits cannot be topped up with cash, which means that if you want to buy an app and only have half the money in credits, you can’t top up the rest of the amount in cash.

Do you use Google Rewards a lot? How has your experience with the app been? Tell us in the comments.