Best Budget Smartphones in 2022 under 250 USD

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Both fast processor, fast connection, fast charging and fast screen are on the menu when we sum up the best phones right now under 250 USD. But not everything is in one and the same mobile phone.

It’s easy to be tempted to spend a lot on a mobile phone. After all, it is such a versatile all-in-one machine that we use it more or less constantly. On the go, at work, in bed, on the trip… The question is: Can the cheapest options really cover all those needs? Yes, they can handle more than you might think. Or rather, you need less than you think.

An alternative to buying new budget mobiles is to shop used, but then you run into some security problems – no guarantees and highly uncertain how the situation is with security updates, if you stick to the Android side. And it’s hard to find a really cheap iPhone, even second hand.

Raiser and bottom pacifier

Better then to get a new mobile phone in the budget class. Just set your expectations right when it comes to things like cameras and picture and sound quality. If you do that, you can find good mobile phones, sometimes even really positive surprises.

But also some land mines. Building a budget mobile is a balancing act. Something has to be compromised to keep the price down, and then the question is whether the manufacturer has compromised correctly.

If, for example, the performance is low due to a weak but cheap processor, but the phone still has functions that require extra computing power, then things will quickly go wrong. At the same time, an equally weak processor in another phone that has curbed its ambitions and optimized the functions based on the premise can work much better.

Doogee N40 Pro: Lots of performance and battery at a budget price

With a faster processor, more memory, and a larger battery than most mobile phones under 200 USD, this contender becomes really interesting.

Doge N40 Pro Review

Despite some shortcomings, there is so much with the Doogee N40 Pro that ends up on the plus side that it becomes a recommendation. Higher performance than most competitors, lots of memory for multitasking and storage, and a huge battery with fast charging. The weaker points can be ignored. Apart from the camera, you must not have high expectations there.

Doge N40 Pro Specs

System chip: Mediatek Helio P60
Storage : 128 GB, slot for micro sd
Screen : 6.52 inch ips, 720×1600 pixels
Price : 190 USD

Moto G22: Budget mobile with too high ambitions

It costs under two thousand kroner, but is packed with things we don’t expect in the price range. Too good to be true? Yes unfortunately.

Moto G22 Review

A budget mobile should be simple but problem-free. The Moto G22 is ambitious and versatile, but few of the features are good. The sluggish performance means that it can’t get the most out of the camera, and the 90 Hz screen becomes pointless. A smaller mobile with a smaller screen at 60 Hz, simple single or double camera, more juice in the processor and battery charging would have been preferable.

Moto G22 Specs

System chip: Mediatek Helio G37
Storage: 64 GB, slot for micro sd
Screen: 6.5 inch ips, 720×1600 pixels, 90 Hz
Price : SEK 1,699
Price : 160 USD

Moto G41: Small but nice upgrade

The screen and camera are the best things about Motorola’s new mobile for just under $250.

Moto G41 Review

If you can get by with performance that is only marginally acceptable, then you get a lot more in the Moto G41. Nice amoled screen, more storage than the competition, good sound if only in mono, and a not bad camera at all. Nothing else is outright bad, although there is a clear budget feeling in some details.

Moto G41 Specs

System chip : Mediatek Helio G85
Processor : 2 pcs Cortex-A75 2 GHz, 4 pcs Cortex-A55 1.8 GHz
Storage : 128 GB, slot for micro sd
Screen : 6.4 inch amoled, 1080×2400 pixels
Price : $190

Nokia G21: A properly upgraded budget mobile

The Nokia G20 had some interesting features but missed out on other points. The sequel G21 makes the right choices to correct the mistakes.

Nokia G21 Review

The Nokia G21 delivers the right improvements over its predecessor and is a well-balanced budget mobile. Don’t expect miracles, but a solid and reliable phone at a good price, with the right comfort, minimal nonsense, enough power and good battery life.

Nokia G21 Specs

System chip: Unisoc T606
Storage : 64 GB, space for micro sd
Screen : 6.5 inch ips, 720×1600 pixels, 90 Hz
Price : $170

Poco M3 Pro: Affordable 5g mobile with a unique style

There is much we recognize from another mobile in the Poco M3 Pro 5G. But it has a design that makes it still unique.

Poco M3 Pro Review

With a low price and only a noticeable compromise compared to more expensive competitors, the Poco M3 Pro 5G hits just the right spot for those who want an affordable quality mobile and be future-proofed for 5g. What holds it back from top marks is the camera, which can stand to be upgraded even if it does the most important things well. The Poco also has a screen that could be brighter. But otherwise high quality and the extra price pressure make it a winner.

Poco M3 Pro Specs

System chip: Mediatek Dimensity 700 5G
Storage : 128 GB, space for micro sd
Display : 6.5 inch ips, 1080 x 2400 pixels (20:9), 90 Hz
Price : $239

Realme 8: Compact and powerful mobile with a nice screen

Price-pressed Realme surprises with the best performance and one of the best displays in the price range. It comes a long way.

Realme 8 Review

The Realme 8 impresses with lively performance, the best-looking display in the price range, excellent battery life and a camera that does the most important things very well. If it had better speakers and a wide-angle camera, it could have been a full pot.

Realme 8 Specs

System chip : Mediatek Helio G95
Storage : 64 GB, space for micro sd
Screen : 6.5 inch amoled, 1080 x 2400 pixels (20:9)
Price : 200 USD

Samsung Galaxy A13: Too much budget

Making a cheap smartphone is not easy. The trick is to make it feel more expensive than it is. Samsung does not succeed in that.

Samsung Galaxy A13 Review

This year’s budget offer from Samsung has some nice features, but unfortunately just as many less good ones. A stable camera and a nice screen are not enough to save an ill-conceived design with a processor lagging behind. When we don’t even get a charger, it doesn’t even feel worth its low price. The large battery saves it from real sawing, but it’s still a weak budget offering.

Galaxy A13 Specs

System chip : Samsung Exynos 850
Storage : 64 GB
Screen : 6.6 inch pls, 1080×2408 pixels, 60 Hz
Price : From $160

Samsung Galaxy A22 5G: Fast mobile at a low price

Everything is not peace and joy with the Galaxy A22 5G, but speed, both on processor and connection, cannot be complained about.

Galaxy A22 5G Review

If you absolutely want a 5g mobile and don’t want to pay too much for it, the Galaxy A22 5G is a mostly good choice. It has some weaker sides, such as a dim screen and mediocre sound, but if you pay a budget price, you can count on budget quality at one point or another.

Galaxy A22 5G Specs

System circuit: Mediatek Dimensity 700 5G
Storage : 64 GB, space for micro sd
Screen : 6.6 inch TFT, 1080 x 2400 pixels, 90 Hz
Price : from 180 USD

TCL 30 Plus: Inexpensive but elegant mobile phone

A colorful and bright 1080p amoled in a mobile under 2,500 kroner is something we have not seen before. But this handsome mobile gives us more surprises.

TCL 30 Plus Review

Despite some small annoyances, performance that’s passable but no more, crappy Wi-Fi, and a camera that’s better on paper than in reality, there’s a lot to like about the TCL 30 Plus. It has the best picture and nicest style in its price range, stereo sound, handy handling and good battery life.

TCL 30 Plus Specs

System chip : Mediatek Helio G37
Storage : 128 GB, slot for micro sd
Screen : 6.7 inch amoled, 1080×2400 pixels
Price : 220 USD

Ulefone Note 13P: A tired contender

Despite a couple of interesting bonus functions, this plastic budget mobile fails to convince.

Ulefone Note 13P Review

We had hoped for more from Ulefone. The Note 13P has obvious problems with comfort, performance and sound and fails to convince with more than acceptable battery life. A simple but solid camera is then neglected with confusing camera app. What we like best about the phone is a sympathetic interface, but that’s not enough to save it.

Ulefone Note 13P Specs

System chip : Mediatek Helio G35
Storage : 64 GB, space for micro sd
Screen : 6.5 inch ips, 1080×2400 pixels
Price : from $170

Xiaomi Redmi 10: Good media mobile at a budget price

It’s the screen and the speakers that raise the grade for the Redmi 10. And there are no major faults with the rest of the phone either.

Xiaomi Redmi 10 Review

There are things to improve, and the performance is not at the top of the price range. But that doesn’t stop the Redmi 10 from being a mobile with a lot of quality, features and good features for the money. Above all, sound and image convince. It belongs to the best budget phones right now.

Xiaomi Redmi 10 Specs

System chip : Mediatek Helio G88
Storage : 64 GB, space for micro sd
Screen : 6.5 inch LCD, 1080 x 2400 pixels, 90 Hz
Price : $180

Xiaomi Redmi 10C: Just the right price squeeze

There are surprisingly few things to complain about in this extra cheap Xiaomi mobile.
With a very low price, we were prepared to forgive many shortcomings of the Redmi 10C. But no obvious ones appeared. It is simple but well built, performs well in the price range and saves on the right features.

Only an expectedly weak, but not terrible, screen and a half-baked selfie camera end up on the minus side. In any case, if you can handle the large dimensions of the mobile phone.

Xiaomi Redmi 10C Specs

System chip : Qualcomm Snapdragon 680
Storage : 64 GB, space for micro sd
Screen : 6.71 inch ips, 720×1650 pixels
Price : from $150


So there are best smartphones under 250 USD in 2022 that we selected. Also, do not forget about our best flagship 2022 phones guide if you have a bigger budget or looking for top mobiles right now.